When in Rohm

by Micheal Maxwell (Author)

(A Max Harmon Mystery Book 1)

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Book Description:

Ever wonder what that creepy department store clerk does when he goes home?

When Max Harmon took the detective job in Rohm, he figured it was a nice little all-American town and a great place to spend his days until retirement. Boy, was he wrong! The department is riddled with antiquated, sexist, misogynistic, good old boy ideas and favors. His partner is as close to worthless as he can be, his predecessor killed himself, and the Chief of police is a yes many for the mayor and city council. What could go wrong?

The one saving grace is Max makes the acquaintance of the retired Chief of Police. Max is faced with a case of two high school kids that have disappeared without a trace and a sexual assault that the Chief would just as soon sweep under the carpet. All on his first day! Never short on opinions or wise counsel. Will Max stick around, or will he fall into the When in Rohm… mindset.

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