Titans of Corruption and Other Poems (Revised Edition) Indignation

by Carl A. Robertson Sr. (Author)

A profound look into the piercing matters of our present time

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Book Description:

Titans of Corruption denotes that “No Oppressor will ever allow those who he once fully oppressed, to ever become equal to himself; and, his laws of equality will always be full of deception against the poor no matter their color.” This is especially so for most Black, Brown, and poor white communities of the United States, whose trust for redemption and hope are still placed highly within their religious faiths.

Robertson wrote within a Facebook post that:

“The Fortunate Rich and White Elite, appears to be seeking the rewards of a civil war involving chauvinistic principles based against a people . . . who are considered by some as ‘destroyer(s) of culture, ‘ ‘a parasite within the nation, ‘ and ‘a menace (to their [ELITES] economic ideals).’ No differently than the thoughts of Adolf Hitler, and the extermination of millions who were also considered (born and raised) German citizens.”

That is what Titans of Corruption is trying to point out. All Americans no matter their color are caught up within the bigotries of the established wealthy (just as we are continually seeing throughout our nation today). It is a wake-up call that each American Citizen has a duty to make this nation a better and more equitable place to live for all our people and children, which then creates a significantly better future for all United States citizens as a whole.

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