The Treasure: A Fun Romp Through the Amazon with Love, Adventure and Headhunters

The Treasure

by Richard E. La Motte (Author)

A Fun Romp Through the Amazon with Love, Adventure and Headhunters 

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Book Description:

Action! Romance! Headhunters!

From a mansion in New York to dangers in the Amazon jungle in the 1930s, The Treasure is a classic fun adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, complete with a beautiful ex-showgirl, would-be heroes, ever-present villains, and life-threatening events.

Beautiful Linda Dawson discovers that her older wealthy husband has secretly gone to South America to find a fabulous treasure. With his corporation cutting off all funds to her, her time is running out to claim her financial rights. She must find her lost husband…or his dead body. Now, her only hope is to follow his mysterious trail into the deadly Amazon to find him…and what he was after.

Surrounded by enemies that will stop at nothing to prevent her from her rightful fortune, can she trust Sam, the rugged former soldier with a clouded past, to safely guide her to her missing husband or to his dead body and her treasure?
Or is he just another enemy —preying on her emotions to prevent her from completing her quest?

And what about Tom Jackman, the suave, handsome New York family lawyer that accompanies her on her quest to protect her? The danger threatening from every side—from sinister corporation board members to headhunters and more—will Linda’s secret be enough to guide her to her treasure?

The Treasure, another page-turner from Richard E. LaMotte, is a fast-paced, white-knuckle ride—a fun action adventure romance that takes place in the Amazon of the 1930s that readers will enjoy.

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