The Girl In The Garage: 3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past

The Girl in the Garage

by Sharon Hughes (Author)

3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past

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Book Description:

If you’ve ever wondered if you can change your life and let go of the heartbreaks of your past, this book is a must read. Confidence Coach and Self-worth expert Sharon Hughes, in her best-friend-over-coffee style, shares her testimony and the “God question” that was the tipping point. This one simple question revealed that she wasn’t who she thought she was and you might not be either.

Sharon Hughes shares her powerful testimony of overcoming years of abuse that came to a head when at 16 years old, she was drugged at a Halloween party and woke up in a garage hours later. Her story is one of radical healing by a radical God that called her to a new identity and a new destiny.

Written workbook style you’ll learn how to let go of the lies, labels, and shame you’ve carried. Imagine, who would you be, who could you be if you did?

You’ll see exactly how patterns from childhood wounds, grief, or trauma set in to steal your joy and identity as she walks you through the exact steps she used to get a breakthrough while experiencing God’s love and healing. 

What you’ll learn in this book: 

  • How what you believe influences and affects your choices
  • Discover the keys to letting go of the past, so you can be who God created you to be
  • You’ll discover that God is for you, not against you; no matter what you’ve done or has been done to you
  • How to love and accept yourself right where you are
  • How to take control of your life by making values based decisions

If you want a breakthrough fast, this book delivers!

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