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The Elfkin Journals saga continues with book 2 bringing new adventures in an alternate dimension.

When the war beats cease, and the singing ends for a second time. Bolts from above will change the tide. A power will fail, and darkness descend. But, a new instrument will ascend through the light and with the song. What was before will be again.”
Final prophecy from “The Book of Recounted Millennium”

“This is a bad thing.” Swathed in darkness, Knightfall Graywings perched atop a large rectangular stone watching the activities in a valley far below. Tanned features shaped a grim expression as he considered his options. With a focused effort, he forced himself to relax. Long gray wings softened and draped across his back, assuming the shape of a ground-length cloak. Whenever he shifted position, seeking a better vantage point, the wings fluttered like a cape caught in a gentle breeze.
“Ha! You have a gift for understatement, my king.” Twig Shadowhooks barked out a laugh as he nodded in agreement. “Even this far away, I can smell the stench of burning flesh.”
“They remember nothing about the ancients who built our pillars, yet they try to alter the balance for their own purpose. Once, our ancestors could change the stars. Now we hunt and fight with bows and swords. Little more than animals.” The young king of the Graywings clans knew he must take action soon. Despite his youth, he ruled a large Federation composed of many tribes, including the Shadowhooks, Silverwings, and Smalltooth families. These citizens counted on him to make intelligent decisions. With a casual motion, he pressed back the hood of the chain mail he wore beneath his battle harness, causing the tight weave of his single silver hair braid to drop and sway slightly as he swung his head from side to side in thought. Caught in the light of a bright moon, his hood and his swaying braid glittered with an ambient glow. “For generations, we have skirmished with this seemingly immortal king and his vast armies, but now he risks the safety of the pillars to bring a war to us we cannot win.”
“For now, the Razorclaws clan rules the spin in their galaxy cluster and a few planets in neighboring systems.” Features slightly darker than those of his liege scrunched up as Twig scratched his square jawline. More time on the battlefield and less time in council chambers had tanned his skin a deep golden brown. Perched close to his leader, he also studied the ritual ceremony in the distant valley. “The drugged slaves fly until their bodies burn and fall into the cauldron of hell.”
“The cauldron of hell?” Knightfall looked over at his companion, raising one eyebrow.
“That’s my name for the device.” Twig shrugged massive shoulders. As he moved, his wings changed their hue to match the background making him even more difficult to see than his cousin. “If you have a better label, tell me.”
“No, it is a good name.” Knightfall bowed slightly in respect. “You have labeled it well.”
“Rare praise, my king.” Twig smiled.

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