Quantum Butterfly

by Joe Dacy (Author)

Reality Is Chaos 

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Book Description:

September, 2032: A dull boom echoes through the urban canyons of downtown Dallas. A 50-story skyscraper shudders. A firecracker-like rumble fills the air. In five seconds, floor by floor, the 646-foot tower pancakes into the ground.

Six months earlier, Rusty Chambers, a quantum programmer, takes a consulting job with the Artificial Intelligence giant, Quantum Query. The secretive, insular company’s Project 143771 will revolutionize the field . . .

… IF it can survive the hordes of techjays, the anti-AI protesters.
… IF Rusty can navigate the labyrinth of corporate politics, greed, and deceit.
… And IF he can break free of the cycles of History, and the Butterfly Effects of his personal decisions.

Explore the Dark Side of AI — where Reality IS Chaos!

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