Lifebook needs many Passwords

by Dr. Venugopal K. Menon (Author)

This compilation may be viewed as my inference about living – my ultimate understanding.

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About this Book
‘Lifebook needs many Passwords’, is my second attempt in creating a book, placing my thoughts in the open for anyone who may have an interest in such expressions, opinions, and outlooks shared by others. The first one was my memoirs, titled, ‘My Mother Called Me Unni – A Doctor’s Tale of Migration’, depicting my life journey, from growing up in India and foregoing the centuries-old establishment, traditions, and heritage of my ancestors, moving to the land of immigrants, the United States of America. The rendition enumerates the struggles I witnessed during the global, lean economic times, India gaining Independence from Colonial British occupation, the fallouts from the second world war, the endearing love that I received from my family, becoming a doctor, serving the Indian army, and leaving it all behind in search of a new life, and finding it in a faraway land. Unlike the portrayal of the steady, gradual passage of my life that was narrated in my biographical treatise, this venture may be seen as my endeavor to pick up the pieces or gather the spill-over that would be considered as the inevitable by-products of my living.
‘Lifebook needs many Passwords’, is a compilation of my random revelations through a long lifespan, articulated in words and sentences within my ability at the time of writing. As all the disclosures are exclusively from me, the ownership rests strictly with me. I had already done the writing of almost all the articles in this collection during a span of a few decades, most of them published in several periodicals and circulated among small groups. It is not a book in the traditional sense and may be treated as such. I have perceived the narrations as ‘appendages of living’, dribbled out of my mandatory requirements of surviving in life, and maybe viewed as a sort of, ‘beyond the basics’. As my life has traveled eight and half decades in time, there is much I have been exposed to, enjoyed, endured, and earned as experience. This compilation may be viewed as my inference about living – my ultimate understanding. And that is to admit, that I don’t have a clue. Fully aware of my limitations and realizing how and where I started and where I reached, it has to be an entity way beyond our speculation, that is in charge and in control.
My generation has perhaps experienced the most changes in human history, as the world leaped through several technological evolutions that consequently transcended into cultural, social, economic, and philosophic variations in our outlook towards life. Being raised in rural India during the economically lean times of global depression, receiving my first footwear in sixth grade, and electricity reaching my house when I was in high school, I am often at a loss figuring out if my childhood days were just a dream or reality. From the computer-confiscated, technology-consumed, emotionally-starving, present paradigms, those distant, intimately personal, mutually endearing lifestyles could only exist in one’s imagination.
Being expressions from different times in life, with different mindsets, moods, and attitudes, my utterings on a variety of unrelated subject matters may come out as erratic, incoherent, and even contradictory ramblings. But this compilation is precisely that, a kaleidoscopic collection, a package of bits and pieces with no pre-set claims of authority, offering solutions or advocating approval.
It is with a desire that this publication may be considered worthy of attention by lenient readers with an open mind and willingness to explore, and tolerate novice collections, on account of its candidness and sincerity, I present my venture to all the readers out there. I am hopeful that this may be received with the same generosity as much as the optimistic expectation it is presented with.

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