Fractured Tears: A Struggle for Justice: The Expanded Version

Fractured Tears

by Amy Shannon (Author)

A Struggle for Justice: The Expanded Version

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Book Description:

Anna Coleman gave her husband one more chance for them to work on fixing what was wrong with their marriage. Ted used that chance to try to kill her. Anna didn’t give up or give in, she fought to survive, and she fought for justice, as it became a personal struggle. All she wanted was for the justice system to properly punish Ted for what he did to her, and it took a lot of strength, perseverance, and support.

Read how Anna struggles to fight for justice, and deal with her personal issues from having been betrayed and abused by her husband of 13 years.

This is a fictionalized version of the real life events of the Author.

Warning: This book contains scenes of domestic violence and may trigger PTSD or not be for some readers.

This is an expanded version and Fourth Edition. (The regular third edition is sold separately).

After releasing the Special Edition, I realized that the stories still need to be shared. So I’ve updated the Special Edition (which was available in November 2021 only) and only three print copies were made. I have added new information about my entire ordeal.

Names have been deleted or changed for privacy reasons.

This is both a fiction book based on real-life events and a nonfiction book that tells my story.

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