by  Geoff Lawson (Author)

A historical novel 

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Those that like Nora Roberts could also like this.
Rachel was once a socialite, and is now a self imposed recluse, the victim of malicious gossip. Her wealthy father wants her to have a husband who can look after her in the style that she is accustomed to, but when Richard and Rachel meet, both know that something extraordinary has happened. Unfortunately, Richard is a lowly farm labourer and it throws their lives into despair, for he will have to prove that he is worthy enough to be her husband.

Richard knows that tradition decrees that if he serves his Queen and Country, then Rachel’s father cannot refuse her wish to marry, so he volunteers to fight in South Africa, where he is thrown into the thick of the fighting. The war is anything but the adventure he imagined it to be. Weary from overwork, he experiences a culture clash with the stubborn and intractable Lady Sarah, and the frightening finale with dangerous super spy, Erich von Smidt. Then, Richard is wounded and captured by the enemy, where his morale plumets to rock bottom and he pines for Rachel and home. While he contemplates the mess he’s in, drama enters Rachel’s life. Danger comes calling from an unexpected quarter, and her father must decide what he should do, which leads to a dramatic finale that shocks them all.
Forgiven is a plot led life drama, with unforgetable family and military characters; a snapshot of the late Victorian age, complete with subtle twists and turns, Forgiven will appall and enthral. It will keep you reading to the very last page…

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