Empowered Woman

Empowered Woman

by Adebola Ajao (Author)

Five Principles for Living Your Best Life and Fulfilling Your Potentia

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Book Description:

Discover the Principles for Maximizing Your Potential and Building Your Legacy

Are you a busy professional woman who aspire to live purposefully and want to step boldly into your future? Do you sometimes feel stagnant and unsure how to move to the next level in your life? Empowered woman was written to inspire and empower ordinary women like you who want to be extraordinary and maximize their life’s potential.

In “Empowered Woman”, the author breaks down five empowering principles essential for accomplishing any life goal into easy to follow practical steps. The principles of “Thinking Big”, “Conquering Your Fears”, “Seeking and Acquiring Knowledge”, “Finding Mentors”, and “Acting and Following Through” make up the empowerment feedback loop that will empower you maximize your potential and build your legacy.

In “Empowered Woman”, the author, who is a professional, wife, and mother of three uses her personal stories to provide examples and practical ways to apply the five principles in your everyday life as a professional, mother, wife, and entrepreneur to achieve your life goals.

Empowered Woman is practical and easy to read and will give you practical tools to;

  • Find your hidden talents
  • Change your mindset
  • Break down barriers of self-doubt
  • Overcome insecurities
  • Unlock your potential
  • Crush your goal(s)

Empowered Woman equips you to take charge of your destiny, conquer your fears, and gain the confidence to tackle your life goals.

Below are what other women are saying about Empowered Woman.

***** A Great Inspirational Book. I really enjoyed the strategies relayed to growing personally and professionally. I highly recommend this book.

***** An Amazing Action Oriented Book. This was an amazing read. I loved how the author shared principles we already know but in a way that speaks directly to women in this modern day. The principles are backed with action oriented items that will kick start an empowerment journey for success in every important aspect of our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

***** Step-By-Step Guidance for Achieving Your Goals. Dr. Ajao provides hard-won advice on transcending everyday to reach your goals. Her practical step-by-step guidance can be followed by even the busiest mom. This book can be used to help you define the next chapter of your life and how to get there.

Download your copy now to embark on a self-empowering journey to maximize your potential and build your legacy.

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