by Larry David Allman (Author)

There’s never been a case Derek couldn’t handle.

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Book Description:

When cyber-criminals strike, there is only one man to call, Derek Randall, the most effective cyber-security expert in America. In this thrilling first book in a new and unique genre of cyber-espionage, Randall fights cyber-criminals by day and teaches yoga at night. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will keep you guessing with each page! Derek can handle just about any cyber-criminal, but his expertise will be put to the test as he takes on a lethally dangerous case in Miami.

If criminal hackers break into your computer and steal your personal information and money, you don’t call the police. You call Derek Randall. He’ll be sure to solve the case and give the criminals a large dose of painful justice! That is of course, during the day. At night, he protects his health and wellness through teaching yoga. 

There’s never been a case Derek couldn’t handle. But now he must take on an international crime syndicate who believes America is weak and vulnerable, filled with easy targets. These criminals are vicious, brutal, and ruthless. They’ve gotten away with crime for quite some time, but they have yet to face anyone with Derek’s digital and kinetic skills. 

Each chapter is filled with suspense that continuously builds until the final confrontation. In the words of Derek, “NAMASTEā€¦ criminal cyber-hackers!”

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