Dante’s Demons

Demon Dawgs MC San Diego – Book One (Demon Dawgs Motorcycle Club – San Diego 1)

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As President of the Demon Dawgs, I don’t always keep my hands clean. After all, dogs love to dig in the dirt. While my MC brothers and I may work on both sides of the law, we draw the line at hurting women. So when we find a young woman, broken and dumped outside our clubhouse, we swear to find her attacker and stop him. Permanently.


As a trauma doctor, I think I’ve seen it all and I believe I’m prepared to face all the horrors man inflicts on their fellow man. However, I find my world turned upside down when a motorcycle club kidnaps me to care for a woman they found beaten, raped, and left for dead. When I discover the victim is my sister, I’m torn between my oath as a doctor and my desire to see her attacker punished. When Dante opens the door to his world, I can either walk through or slam it shut.

Author’s Note: Each book covers the developing relationship between its protagonists. Each book has a HEA, but the ending of each book has a lead-in for the next. These books contain sex and violence, along with elements of domestic discipline and BDSM. If you don’t like stories with these elements, please don’t read.

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