Daily Gratitude Reflections: 365 Inspirational Guides to Grateful Living (Vol. 2)

Daily Gratitude Reflections: : 365 Inspirational Daily Guides to Grateful Living

by Deborah Perdue (Author)

Imagine having a source of daily inspiration to help you become a HAPPIER, more PEACEFUL, and more POSITIVE person!

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Book Description:

Imagine having a source of daily inspiration to help you become a HAPPIER, more PEACEFUL, and more POSITIVE person!

This book is chock-full of a variety of inspirational quotes accompanying the author’s personal reflections – beautifully designed with full color images to motivate and encourage the reader to incorporate the simple but powerful spiritual practice of gratitude -a habit well worth cultivating to reap the many proven benefits.

Gratitude is the power to transform negative thinking, limited perceptions, low vibration emotions (such as anger, depression, and anxiety ), and how you experience life in general. Peace, joy, and a brighter outlook are natural manifestations of flowing gratitude – bringing a sense of renewed enthusiasm to everyday life.

Uncovering things to be grateful for, especially in challenging times, is a skill most of us need to learn and then practice regularly. Most of us would benefit greatly from having a good example, a wise teacher, and a simple way to practice gratitude each day.

This book is such a guide.

You can pick this book up at any time and begin utilizing gratitude for expediting the manifestation of your highest good.

Gratitude mastered becomes a Super Power of sorts that can transform our perspective and worldview, resulting in more serenity and moments of bliss.

Deborah Perdue has written five books on gratitude. She offers online classes and annual retreats to teach others how to live gratitude in the same manner, she used to transform her own life.

Daily Gratitude Reflections is perfect for inspired, spiritual growth.

This gratitude devotional is a lovely way to immediately begin harnessing the transformational power of living with a grateful heart.

I had never realized how much there is to be grateful for every day. Deborah’s Daily Gratitudes helped transform my thinking and fill me with a new sense of wonder. – Kimberly Bowmen

If you would like to receive free inspirational insights from the author to your inbox, you may email Deborah at: info@GraceOfGratitude.com

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