by Art DiNick (Author)

As Fate Would Have It

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This true story is about a man in his mid-thirties who is in a race car crash, and death is imminent. At that moment between life and death, the past and present merge, and time standstill. In just a few brief seconds, he relives his entire life. This story chronicles his experiences and decisions he made in his life from childhood through adult life. He instantly sees how his seemingly bad choices and good choices fit together like the pieces of a puzzle and were necessary for the good in his life. As an engineer for Exxon, he had to choose between traveling for the company on emergency trouble shooting trips or staying at home with his family. The choices he made severely impacted his marriage. He wonders if the choices he made were determined by fate or did he really have the ability to change them. This book is based on the author Art DiNick’s personal life experience, which had a huge impact on his life. After 30 years, he has finally penned down his story. So, grab your copy today to read about how DiNick got a second chance at life and ponder weather the choices you made in life could have or should have been changed.
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