Foolish Aspirations

I’m only back in my hometown temporarily.

Being psychic, I should have known I’d end up living in Guntersville, AL. on top of a boathouse, down by the river.


An ironic twist of fate. Right?


I’m only back in my hometown temporarily. I hope.


Besides, after my hectic summer and the alarming increase in my paranormal ‘Gifts,’ rest and relaxation are precisely what I need to prepare for the next awesome stage of my life. Only the lake house is anything but restful these days.


My brother Dusty is researching his next “Thirteen Haunts” novel. He offers me an obscene amount of money to help his paranormal investigation team with my supernatural skill set. The team has an excursion planned for the Osborne hotel in Paducah, Kentucky, this weekend. A poltergeist may have just caused the death of one of the hotel staff.


I want to stay as far away as possible from any paranormal events. I’m afraid with each exposure to the supernatural, my strange powers level up. Still, I’m going on their ghost hunting excursion. Did I mention it pays really well?


Uncle Howard left the law office in my hands while he goes to the beach. I think he might have a love interest in Mobile. Not that it’s any of my beeswax, except I must plan a credible defense to keep a mom of four out of jail, and I could use his advice. She’s charged with the murder of her husband—no pressure there, of course.


Shane White, my “I wish he were my boyfriend” guy friend, comes for a visit. I’m too busy to pay him any mind. Sure, I might have noticed him on the dock with his shirt off, but it isn’t like I’m fantasizing about him. We’re just friends.


Foolish Aspirations is the 1st installment in the April May Snow “Foolish” mystery novels and a continuation from the “Throw the” series. The novels are stand-alone. Do you enjoy Janet Evanovich, Colleen Helme, Erin Huss, JB Lynn, Jana DeLeon, Angie Fox, Elizabeth Hunter, or Amanda M. Lee?


Foolish Aspirations will keep you turning pages until the end!


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