Chaos Shifter

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Two Outcasts United By Fate. Two Terrible Secrets. One Incredible Destiny.

Two Outcasts United By Fate. Two Terrible Secrets. One Incredible Destiny.

As war convulses the ancient realm of Wyldaroon, powerful Dragon Marshals rush to choose sides in the sweeping conflict between Aranya the Star Dragoness and her nemesis, the unstoppable Marshal Thoralian. Islands fall. Nations crumble. Predatory Shapeshifters swoop to snatch the spoils from amidst the devastation.

>>>A Veteran Soldier Unleashes The Unimaginable

When Asturbar, a hard-bitten Infantry Commander of the Mistral Fires, is forced into a desperate act of thievery to deny Azhukazi the Necromancer Dragon the magical artefacts he covets, he unleashes an unimaginable chain of events. Conquered. Exiled for life. Banished to an isolated oasis in the endless Doldrums, the Island-desert. For all intents and purposes, he is a dead man.

Yet what he discovers in the wilderness will change his life forever.

>>>A Lethal Beauty That Could Cost Him Everything

Her beauty is fey. Her youthful power, a reviled enigma of yore. Beguiled by the undeniable lure of Chaos itself, Asturbar faces a stark choice. To stand against Azhukazi’s rampant evil, he must ally himself with a lethal, beautiful Chaos Shifter – all it might cost, is his soul.

A story in Aranya’s timeline, this full-length novel can be read standalone. The exact sequence of events overlaps with the events of Song of the Storm Dragon (Shapeshifter Dragons Book 3) and Beautiful Fury (Shapeshifter Dragons Book 4) – but as noted, this tale is complete in its own right and there is no need to read prequel books or series to fully enjoy it.


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