A Fortune’s Return

What will be the Fortunes’ fate?

1899 – James Fortune is off to fight in South Africa. Most people think it will all be over by Christmas. A disciplined British Army against a small, scruffy, citizen army.

An enemy though fighting on their own ground with modern weapons and using guerilla tactics.

James is soon in the thick of the fighting but is later captured and faces being shot as a spy.

His brother, William working as a journalist is also in the country. Sophie, their sister is there too as a member of the Fawcett Commission enquiring into the welfare of Boer women and children Lord Kitchener has interned in concentration camps.

What will be the Fortunes’ fate?

The Boer War is in many ways a precursor of the 1914 Great War. Brave men lead by ‘donkeys’ amid military mistakes and heroism!